Conducting Effective Remote Meetings

Bringing your team together to discuss and decide how to address urgent day-to-day work issues, while also planning for the longer-term, was already challenging enough in our pre-COVID-19 workplaces, when we could often meet onsite and in-person.

In our ‘new normal’ work setting the need for effective planning and execution is even greater; and the barriers to achieve useful meeting outcomes have never been more complex.

In this one-hour live webinar we will cover the ‘principles and the practicals’ of preparing and conducting effective online/remote planning meetings.

Our emphasis will be on addressing and reducing the real barriers of ‘remoteness.’  Teams that used to be effective planning units can regain their discipline and effectiveness.

Everyone needs to adjust their on-site & in-person meeting and planning mindset, to the new normal of online and remote.  Team leaders need to update their meeting facilitation skills to be effective in an online setting; and team members need to adjust their meeting skills to contribute effective to remote planning.

This webinar will help you prepare yourself, your team and your remote & online planning meetings to overcome the barriers; take advantage of the opportunities, and, ultimately, succeed in our ‘new normal’ workplaces!

By the end of this Live Webinar, you will be able to:

  • Use ‘Road Map’ Methodology to Plan In Advance for Meeting Success
  • Apply the IDD Format to Facilitate Outcome-Based Meetings (Inform, Discuss, Decide)
  • Utilize the RAPID© Method to Accelerate Engaging the Meeting Participants in Contributing
  • Ensure Your Meetings Stay on Track – Using Three Classic Group Dynamics Techniques
  • Assure that the Plans and Decisions Made are Meaningful, Reasonable & Executable (MRE’s)

RAPID® is a loose acronym created by Bain Capital; it stands for Recommend, Agree, offer Input, Decide and Perform


  • Brief Overview of the Challenges and Opportunities of Online & Remote Planning Meetings
  • Preparing for Success – Lay Out the Road Map for Achieving Necessary Meeting Results
  1. All Participants Better Prepare Themselves to Be Ready for the Meeting Topics
  2. Utilize the RAPID© Method to Determine the Most Useful Participation Needed, Depending on the Topics, Issues and Decisions Being Discussed & Acted Upon
  3. Provide a ‘Road Map’ Agenda – Complete with Interim Stops, Ultimate Destination & Time Estimates
  4. Create & Publicize the Decision-Making Criteria to be Utilized for Each Issue on the Meeting Agenda (Build this into your preparation discipline; and that of your team)
  • Facilitating to Achieve Outcomes – that are Meaningful, Reasonable and Executable (MRE’s)
    1. Apply the IDD Format – For Each Major Topic: Inform, Discuss, Decide
    2. Keep Meetings on Track with Three Group Dynamics Techniques
    3. Getting Agreement, Buy-In and Accountability from Your Team
    4. ‘End with a Beginning’ – Make Sure You Have Documented Decisions, Deliverables & Accountability to Assure Execution of the Plans

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