Leadership Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) Webinar

Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) is a workshop designed to help participants learn the principles and skills needed to increase their effectiveness in their leadership roles. L.E.T. places a very heavy emphasis upon skill practice and mastery. The basic learning model includes presentation of a concept, discussion, demonstration, practice, feedback and discussion/application. This sequence is followed […]

Quality in Business Writing – 10 Crushing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Quality Consulting

Everyone makes a spelling mistake now and then, and most of us have clicked “send” on an unfinished email. While it’s embarrassing to make mistakes like these, you can probably recover from them with a quick edit, re-send, or phone call of apology. But some business writing mistakes, while common, will crush your reader’s willingness […]

The Five Biggest Employee Productivity Challenges

With more hybrid work arrangements and social distance, workplaces have changed drastically. The labor crisis has impacted many businesses. Maintaining employee productivity is a challenge. Discuss the five biggest employee productivity challenges and what some companies are doing to retain their employees and maximize productivity. Investing in training and development is a powerful strategy to ensure […]

How Project Management Drives Change and Innovation

Project Management for Consultants Webinar

In this session, QSG Project Management consultant Paul Tumolo will provide you with a exposure to the tasks and challenges facing project managers, i.e., those people responsible for the vital function of managing complex projects across multiple functions in a global environment. Successful project managers have the abilities and skills to simultaneously manage their teams, schedules, […]

Leadership Development

Leadership Training Webinar

QSG is now offering a new suite of Leadership Development tools, workshops and Coaching services designed to create highly effective leaders at all levels of your organization. In collaboration with LionsLead, QSG can help individuals, teams and organizations experience impactful and transformational growth in their leadership capabilities. LionsLead analysis tools and coaching provide insights into […]

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

emotional intelligence training webinar

How to develop and grow your EQ to uplevel effectiveness within teams and organizations Description: As employees advance in their careers, it’s essential to shift mindset away from individual contributor, to that of team leader. To create real impact and a professional legacy, it’s no longer sufficient to demonstrate technical excellence. Developing a strong EQ is a […]

Conducting Effective Remote Meetings

remote team meetings webinar

ABSTRACT: Bringing your team together to discuss and decide how to address urgent day-to-day work issues, while also planning for the longer-term, was already challenging enough in our pre-COVID-19 workplaces, when we could often meet onsite and in-person. In our ‘new normal’ work setting the need for effective planning and execution is even greater; and […]

Leadership Principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Deming Management Webinar

“There’s too much management and not enough leadership!” It’s often said that the difference between successful and unsuccessful process improvement initiatives depends upon the level of management commitment.  The late W. Edwards Deming once wrote, however, “There’s too much management and not enough leadership!” This webinar will go beyond mere management or supervisory practices to […]

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