When: TBD

Webinar instructor: James P. Desrosiers – Senior Consultant, Essential & Leadership Training and Coaching

With more hybrid work arrangements and social distance, workplaces have changed drastically. The labor crisis has impacted many businesses. Maintaining employee productivity is a challenge. Discuss the five biggest employee productivity challenges and what some companies are doing to retain their employees and maximize productivity. Investing in training and development is a powerful strategy to ensure remote employees remain engaged and motivated to perform at top levels. Join training professional Jim Desrosiers, who has three decades of experience, to learn how to obtain significant training grants and train employees in today’s new work environments.

Register for the webinar to:

  • Discuss the five biggest employee productivity challenges
  • Learn best practices for keeping remote employees engaged and how to build a robust team and company culture through training opportunities
  • Find out about workforce training grants and how to obtain them
  • Discover trends to optimize training for remote workers and hybrid teams
  • Uncover how the General Grant and Express Fund programs could assist your organization

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