Webinar: Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)

When: Nov 1, 2023 12:00-1:00pm (EST)

Transform Your Manufacturing Processes with a Systematic Plant Layout.

Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) is a disciplined approach developed by Dr. Richard Muther. This is team-based process uses actual data to determine the most effective and efficient layout possible for any given manufacturer.

SLP is an organized and effective way to develop layout plans. The process is essential for those companies who must:
• Add major equipment or capacity
• Rearrange for better material flow and throughput
• Expand, consolidate, or move facilities
• Implement work cells and lean manufacturing

Layout is an integral part of the Lean Manufacturing Strategy. Facilities are expensive. Their lifetime is in decades. They take years to commission. By their nature, they are one of the most important strategic elements of a business enterprise. This is why facility design and the strategic thinking that should precede it are so important.

webinar instructor: Dr. Jane T. Wilson – Senior Consultant, Operational and Organizational Excellence

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