Webinar: Statistically Valid Sampling

How the Right Sample Size, Taken the Right Way, can Lead to the Right Decisions

Webinar date: TBD

We’ve all experienced decisions that later turned out to be wrong. Basing decisions on data can help, but how much data, what kind of data, how can we know the right way to proceed? This short webinar explores how selecting the right sample size and knowing how to select the observations correctly can make the difference in your decisions from data.

Learn areas and applications in your business where sampling can improve cost and speed.
Learn the minimal statistical jargon necessary to use software to answer many sample size questions.
See the dark side of sampling, rarely discussed, that it is not just the number of observations that is important, but how those observations are selected also matters.
We will highlight a few special cases of making comparisons, answering engineering/R&D questions, acceptance sampling “tricks”, number of lots for verification and validation, number of lots to be sure a problem is solved and optimal strategies to reduce your sampling. For example, you will learn the surprising risk of such rules as “try a process change on 3 lots before signing off the change”.
And, yes, this is only a sampling of the methods on sampling.

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