WEBINAR: Risk-Based Internal Auditing Process – Best Practices

June 3rd, 1-2pm

ISO 9001:2015 requires companies to address risk and opportunities as they relate to QMS processes, planning, and product/process risks. The effectiveness of risk management and opportunities for analysis must be evaluated. Also, the effectiveness of the actions associated with objectives or planning must be included in the management review.

An organization that understands its risks, understands its opportunities. However:

  • If it doesn’t know its risks, it doesn’t know the risks it can accept
  • If it doesn’t know the risks it can accept, it doesn’t know the risks to take
  • If it doesn’t know the risks to take, it doesn’t know how to grow
  • If it doesn’t know how to grow, it will wither away.

Internal audit processes play a vital role in providing objective assurance that the requirements have been met, all the protocol is being followed and the process is effective. Also assures that the organization is keeping up-to-date with the risks and opportunities. Hence, it is important that internal audit process owners optimally manage their processes to deliver efficiency and value.

Join us as we discuss Best Practices around RISK-BASED AUDITING!

Learn how audit methodology, project management, and communication skills can be effectively combined to help auditors streamline their audits and assure risk-based auditing.

Presenter: Angelo Scangas, President, Quality Support Group, Inc.

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