Process Mapping Training Webinar

Webinar: Process and Value Stream Mapping Basics

Webinar date: TBD

Instructor: James F. Leonard – Senior Consultant, Process Improvement and Statistical Methods

Dr. W. Edwards Deming defined a system as “a series of functions or activities (sub-processes, stages – hereafter components) that work together for the aim of the organization.” He added that the flow chart (or process map) is helpful toward understanding a system.  Process mapping is a technique that provides a structured analysis of a process flow.  It can be used to distinguish how work is actually being done from how it should be done.  It’s very important to map the actual situation (“As Is” or “Current State”) to identify opportunities for improvement.  Further study leads to mapping how the process “Should Be” (or Future State) once improvements are achieved.

Moving beyond basic process mapping, Value Stream Process Mapping (VSPM) can be viewed as a means to expose waste that’s hiding in the organization’s systems and processes.  It’s used to quantify the flow of throughputs as well as waste, rework, wait time and other drains on resources.  It is a technique that is easily and effectively applied in any type of process – manufacturing, laboratory, health care, retail, office, school…

Join Jim Leonard to examine clear guidelines to closely assess your current processes, and effective tools for making improvements that eliminate frustration, errors, delays and excessive costs. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Product Quality versus Process Quality
    • Shewhart’s Concept of a Process
  • Process Mapping Terms and Symbols
  • Examples of Various Process Maps – Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing
  • Procedure for Generating the Initial Process Map
  • Value Stream Process Mapping
    • The concept of “white space”
    • Defining meaningful and actionable data
    • Calculating the Value Effectiveness Ratio
  • Moving from the Current State to the Future State
  • Let’s Draft a Value-Stream Process Map

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