Webinar: Principles of Lean Office

When: tbd

In the beginning of a Lean journey, the tools and concepts are typically applied on the factory floor. Since administrative inefficiencies can be more difficult to see than those in the manufacturing process and bottlenecks are not as obvious as they are on the shop floor. Too often, organizations ignore the waste and delays built into these non-manufacturing processes.

To be truly Lean, organizations need to apply the power of Lean to their office and administrative process. Front end inefficiencies and errors impact the overall organization’s productivity and directly affect the customers’ experience. Organizations produce greater value with higher quality in less time when Lean strategies are applied to the office environment.

During this webinar, you will learn how to identify waste in business processes and get an introduction to the power of applying Lean to drive it out.

webinar instructor: Dr. Jane T. Wilson – Senior Consultant, Operational and Organizational Excellence

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