Quality 4.0 Tools Webinar

Webinar: Opportunity Based Thinking and Quality 4.0

Webinar instructor: Bob Deysher – Senior Consultant, Quality Systems/Risk Management/Auditing

Risk Based Thinking has been a key focus since the approval of ISO 9001:2015. What has not been a balanced approach is the identification of  “opportunities” which is also a requirement in the ISO standard. This presentation proposes a new tool to assess “opportunities” in an organization. This new tool drives is a paradigm shift in the role of a quality professional. The presentation proposes that the role of a quality professional needs to be able to facilitate an ongoing dialogue linking organizational context with the needs of interested parties (stake holders) during the product life cycle.  With this new role the quality professional will be key to improvements in process and services while identifying new technology opportunities to effectively meet stakeholder expectations as we move into Quality 4.0.

The intended audience is quality professionals who  realize their role will have to change over the next few years as we move through the era of Quality 4.0.  The expected learning’s from this webinar are:

  • Learn tools and techniques to assess an organizations opportunities
  • Identify skills that need to be learned or enhanced
  • How a quality professional can apply systems thinking to new challenges posed by Quality 4.0

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