Webinar: Introduction to APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

Webinar date: tbd
Webinar Instructor: Angelo Scangas – President and CEO

Complex products and supply chains present plenty of possibilities for failure, especially when new products are being launched. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured process aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction with new products or processes.

APQP has existed for decades in many forms and practices. Originally referred to as Advanced Quality Planning (AQP), APQP is used by progressive companies to assure quality and performance through planning. Ford Motor Company published the first Advanced Quality Planning handbook for suppliers in the early 1980’s. APQP helped Ford suppliers develop appropriate prevention and detection controls for new products supporting the corporate quality effort. With lessons learned from Ford AQP, the North American Automotive OEM’s collectively created the APQP process in 1994 (later updated in 2008). APQP is intended to aggregate the common planning activities all automotive OEM’s require into one process. Suppliers utilize APQP to bring new products and processes to successful validation and drive continuous improvement.

Join us as our President, Angelo Scangas, shares his many years of experience on the APQP Methodology.

Presentation Outline

  • Purpose of APQP .
  • Introduction APQP in Automotive Industries.
  • Different phases of APQP.
  • Importance of FMEA, Process Flow, Control Plan ,MSA and SPC.
  • How to apply APQP in New Product development.
  • Product Verification and Validation.
  • How to understand the Voice of the Customers.
  • The Linkages between Product and Process Design.

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