Webinar: How to Increase the VALUE of Your Supplier Auditing Program

When: tbd

Webinar instructor: Angelo Scangas – CEO and Chief Customer Officer

In a world of ever-increasing costs and price pressures from customers, companies are focusing on cost-control and streamlining efficiencies more than ever. Supply chains are continuing to expand, making it increasingly difficult and expensive for companies to effectively manage their supplier base. In addition, companies are being held to higher accountability for quality of product and service. Those with a critical eye on quality must be selective in the criteria and techniques used to select and monitor suppliers. How do you ensure suppliers’ standards meet yours, and where do you start? Join us as we discuss:

Which suppliers should be audited – and why
How to prepare an effective audit plan
What to look for when performing supplier audits
Who should participate in the audit process
What should happen once the audit is completed

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