Webinar: EU’s New Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745)

When: TBD

Understanding the new regulations of the European market is a challenge for every medical device manufacturer, and especially for those outside the EU. Not only is the transition from the directive to the regulation of Medical Devices and Invitro Diagnostic Devices, but Brexit has also been added with the UKCA marking.
Knowing the key point of the new requirements provides a better understanding of the new regulatory situation in Europe and the best way to surf it.Through this webinar we intend to show which are the major changes in the directive to the regulation of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic, focusing on the new requirements of the Clinical Evaluation Report (MDR) and Performance Evaluation (IVDR). We also want to leave a schedule of dates that the different classifications of medical devices must meet in order to be in the European market (EU & UK)

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