emotional intelligence training webinar

Webinar – Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

How to develop and grow your EQ to uplevel effectiveness within teams and organizations

When: TBD

As employees advance in their careers, it’s essential to shift mindset away from individual contributor, to that of team leader. To create real impact and a professional legacy, it’s no longer sufficient to demonstrate technical excellence. Developing a strong EQ is a leadership differentiator. To create real impact, a leader needs to be aware of, and skilled at managing, the human dynamics that drive motivation, creativity, teamwork, and alignment.
In this webinar we will
  • Explore aspects of Daniel Goleman’s four-part Emotional Intelligence model
  • Discuss signs of emotional incompetence as related to fixed versus growth mindset
  • Understand personal learning styles — how various styles influence emotional intelligence
  • Learn how increased EQ (1) helps navigate day-to-day challenges in the short term and (2) is foundational for career strategy and success long term

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