Internal Quality Audit Training Webinar

Webinar: Advanced Quality Auditing

Risk Based Internal & Supplier Auditing, Data Analysis, Auditing for Performance Improvement

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Learn why your audit program should be an integral part of how your organization sustains positive results and manages risk, and how to make that happen if it is not.  The 4 evolutionary stages of  audit program development will be discussed in detail as this two day workshop teaches attendees how to develop an internal audit program from one that is backward facing, reactionary and solely compliance based to an advanced quality audit program that is also forward seeking, risk managing, continuous improvement driving and improvements sustaining.  The topic of risk based thinking and how to deploy it effectively will also be stressed. Attendees will learn auditing best practice as well as, how to conduct risk based quality audits and remote audits.  Forms and templates, such as checklists and decision trees will be shared that will facilitate the process for attendees who wish to implement advanced quality auditing both internally within their organization and externally throughout their supply chain. This content is aligned with both the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Supplier Quality Professional BoK.

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