Lean Training webinar

A Lean Enterprise Roadmap – Is your Organization Ready for a Lean Journey?

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Is your organization Leadership aligned and understand their role in the Lean journey? Jeffrey Hastie, President & Founder, Learn-Apply-Lead, LLC and David Margil, certified Master Black Belt will describe how to engage Leadership and then layout a roadmap to begin and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

In this session, Jeff Hastie & David Margil will tell the story of starting a Global IT organization on a Lean journey:

  • Engaging with leadership and engineering the “ask” – how to get leaders to move from no to yes
  • Laying out the roadmap – making sure leadership knows how to get started
  • Creating a culture, not a program – going slow to go fast
  • Focus areas to create a strong foundation – critical success factors
  • Roadblocks and speed bumps – when the journey doesn’t go as planned
  • Where are we now, where are we going? – learning what’s possible and the value of persistence

Always Keep Improving!