Virtual Training

Currently scheduled Virtual Training courses:

QSG has been your resource for on-site training for the past 25+ years. In this time of crisis, we’re here for you!

With Live Virtual Training technology, we’re fully equipped to deliver the same instructor-led courses while, as best as possible, maintaining the in-depth learning experience you would receive in-person at our training centers or at your organization.

We will be offering many topics via our virtual platform! Some of these events will be FREE and some will have a small charge to support the instructors at this challenging time!

In addition, we will be offering FREE training support focused totally on the needs of our past and current Customers. If you are a Customer (past or current), please contact us for any support.

How are we ensuring the same quality of training and consulting?

Our technology will allow for interaction, group discussion and group activities.  Our objective is for every participant to get the same experience in virtual sessions as in live sessions. Participants can use chat and “raise hand” features, speak directly to trainers, moderators, and other participants, and share their screen all in real-time. Participants will be assigned to privately complete group activities and discussions, then return to the larger group to present. There will also be quizzes to measure knowledge retention throughout the units. Materials will be sent by email and all participants will be mailed a hardcopy of the workbook.

Any of these classes can be presented with our Virtual Training Technology.
Any questions, please contact us.

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