value stream mapping training

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Course Description
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a Lean Manufacturing technique used to analyze and design the flow of material and/or information. It enables a company to identify and eliminate waste, in order to streamline work processes, cut lead times, reduce costs, and increase quality.

Through VSM, a team of employees maps the current state from customer back to raw material, including all steps – both value-added and non-value-added – and develops a Future State vision to act as a blueprint for Lean activities. The Future State often represents a significant change from the way the company currently operates, and during VSM, the employee team develops an implementation strategy to make the Future State a reality. The most urgent needs are addressed first and can typically be met in a short time frame when the appropriate resources are applied.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for those who are new to quality and those who are quality practitioners who work in office and support functions, manufacturing, service, and supply chains.

Learning Objectives
During this Value Stream Mapping course, participants will develop both the theoretical and practical applications of Value Stream Mapping concepts, tools, and techniques, through a combination of classroom instruction and team-based exercises. Specific Learning Objectives include:

  • How Value Stream Mapping gives a broad view of an operation from supplier to customer
  • When and where to use Value Stream Mapping
  • Selecting the Value Stream
  • VSM symbols and meanings
  • Twelve steps to Value Stream Mapping
  • Elements of Lean and how VSM highlights their use and application.
  • Getting to the Future State
  • How to use Value Stream Mapping to develop a Manufacturing Strategy
  • When and where to use Process Mapping
  • How to identify Waste
  • How to think in “Process” terms rather than “Activity” terms
  • How to define the product for a process map.
  • Levels of detail: Macro, Micro & Sub-Micro
  • Symbols & Conventions and how to use them
  • How to facilitate process mapping
  • How to streamline a process and build a Future State map

Course Outline
What Is Mapping All About?
Types of Maps
Value and Waste
Process Mapping
Background of Mapping
Mapping The MacProcess (Exercise)

Process Mapping The Present State
Detailed Procedure
Mapping Teams
Hints & How-To’s
Team Project (Exercise)

Process Mapping The Future State
The Columbo Approach
Measuring The Results
Detailed Example
Team Projects (Exercise)

Value Stream Maps
What Is A Value Stream
Product Families
How To Map The Present State
Team Projects (Exercise)

Lean Principles & Techniques
Elements of Lean Manufacturing
Value Stream Symbology
Mapping The Future State (Exercise)

The Future State Value Stream Map
Seven Steps To The Future
Team Projects (Exercise)

Using Your Maps
Mapping and Strategy
Developing A Lean Manufacturing Strategy
The Elements of Lean
A Mental Model
Implementation Planning


Course Format
16 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization

Course instructors:
Ed McFayden – Consultant, Quality Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Auditing
Don Morin – Consultant, Quality Systems/Lean Six Sigma

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