Supply Chain Management

Competitive Supply Chains – White Paper

Supply Chain Acquisition will cover the sourcing and procurement of materials. The seminar will deal with the legal aspects of contracting and when ownership actually occurs. Participants will become aware of the necessity of being proactive in making decisions. This is the beginning seminar in the certificate program and will provide an overview of how a high functioning SCM operates. The cost of cradle to grave ownership will be explored.

Negotiating for Results is a key skill set that is required to be a successful SCM professional. The interactive seminar is designed to improve the participants Negotiating outcomes. Through lecture, Q & A, workshops and Mock Negotiations each person will gain experience and receive real feedback as to how they are currently performing. They will be given an operating model to use for future negotiations. One company used this model the day after their in house seminar and paid for the seminar seven times over on one purchase.

Outsourcing of Product and Processes will be covered from an exploring, initiating and managing aspect. Today outsourcing presents a great opportunity, yet many companies are dramatically underestimating the costs to support the management of the outsourced relationship. The risks and rewards of outsourcing, as well as the mechanics will be covered in this seminar.

Demand Planning and Execution is the key to whether a SCM is successful or not. This will start with understanding how the company’s strategy/business plan will be converted into a rough cut forecast. The different types of forecasts will be reviewed. The critical and multi-use of time fences will be detailed. It will be covered when it is best to use an aggregate plan. There is a vital link between demand planning and capacity management that will be covered.

Logistics and Distribution from the concept to the final disposition will be revealed. This critical link in the chain can often be underestimated both in its importance and cost. Many companies have seen their logistics cost rise out of control as they seek to service their customers. Distribution is the final handoff to the customer and creates a lasting impression. The proper design of your network design needs to be put in the context of your company’s strategy and the customer’s needs.

Inventory may not be on your balance sheet but is always in your cost structure. It will be examined how to accomplish a fast responsive SCM chain without high inventories, which is the essence of SC management. This seminar will look at the trends in the shifts of who owns the physical inventory. The proper management of physical inventory and of the risks associated will be explored. Many companies have used delayed configuration both to reduce risks and improve response time.

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