8d Problem Solving

Eight Discipline (8D) Root Cause Analysis Problem Solving Workshop

Course instructor – Angelo Scangas – President and CEO

Course Overview
When some people hear about “eight disciplines” for solving problems, they immediately think that it must be a complex or convoluted methodology.  Actually, the 8D Problem Solving process is really not all that complicated.  In fact, a number of common problem-solving models are quite similar to this team-based, data-driven approach to solving problems.

8D is a highly structured and effective scientific approach to solving chronic or recurring problems. It uses team synergy and provides excellent guidelines for identifying the root cause of the problem, implementing containment actions, and then developing and implementing lasting corrective and preventive action.

The 8D Problem Solving methodology is deployed to solve critical, major, chronic and recurring problems. It is most effective in addressing complex problems that exceed the ability of one person to resolve them. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to solve future problems by applying a structured methodology that will yield faster and more effective solutions. The program provides opportunities to practice and apply the technique to case studies and participants’ on-job problems.

Seminar Topics

  • Common Pitfalls in Problem Solving
  • Examination of the Eight Disciplines; i.e.,
    D1 Select the Team
    D2 Describe the Problem
    D3 Implement Interim Containment
    D4 Identify and Test Root Causes
    D5 Identify and Verify Corrective Action(s)
    D6 Implement Permanent Corrective Action(s)
    D7 Prevent Recurrence
    D8 Recognize the Team and Inform Customers
  • Case Studies and On-Job Applications

Who Should Attend?
Managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals involved in their organizations’ process improvement efforts.  Others interested in improving their problem-solving skills and corrective action processes.  This workshop is most beneficial when a team from your organization attends together.

Course instructors:
Angelo Scangas – President and CEO
Bob Deysher – Senior Consultant, Quality Systems/Risk Management/Auditing
Laura Halleck – Senior Consultant, Quality Systems Auditing (Automotive, Aerospace)
Ed McFayden – Consultant, Quality Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Auditing

8:30am-4:30pm (EST) each day

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