Team Process

Team Process

Course Overview
Many organizations are implementing Six Sigma and other formal process improvement initiatives as means to better serve their customers and enhance competitive position in their markets. Inevitably, they discover that systems problems, by their very nature, cut across and involve various groups, functions and departments. Therefore, one thrust of any process improvement strategy requires the formation of teams made up of people from those various functions to attack systems problems and/or pursue systemic improvements.

In this two-day seminar you will examine and gain experience in the process that leads these project teams (and other work teams) to success. You will learn about the role of Project Sponsors and steering committees in managing the process, as well as the roles and responsibilities of process improvement project team leaders, members and facilitators. Through numerous exercises, you will not only learn about but also experience the phases of the team process, teams’ goals in each phase and the personal skills and statistical methods teams deploy to achieve those goals.

Seminar Topics

  • Managing the Team Process
  • Phase One of the Team Process: Getting Started
  • Phase Two: Working Together
  • Phase Three: Reaching Agreement
  • Statistical Methods and Personal Skills – and where they apply in each phase of the process
  • Overcoming Disagreement and Conflict
  • The Team Process, Summary: Problems Teams Experience – and how to prevent those problems in future teams and projects
  • Basic Procedure for Improving a System
  • DMAIC Process for Process Improvement Projects
    – and teams’ deliverables for each DMAIC phase

Who Should Attend?
Current and potential process improvement project team leaders, members and facilitators. Steering committee members, department managers and others interested in improving the effectiveness of teams in their organizations. This workshop is most beneficial when a team from your organization attends together.

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