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Team Building

Team Building Training Course Description
Increasingly, studies show that teams that work together effectively result in happier employees, higher productivity, and less turnover. During this training we’ll review ways to empower your teams to thrive. This class can be tailored to those in Supervisory/Leadership roles, or for all members of an organization.

Who Should Attend
This course offers two alternatives: Attend as a team with exercises throughout the day to strengthen communication and teamwork, or send a management team to learn better how to drive team effectiveness throughout their groups.

Learning Objectives
To better understand the dynamics that come with building high-performing teams, to recognize the stages of team development and the role that conflict pays, both good and bad, and to leverage differences that each unique personality brings to the team.

Team Building Training Course Outline

  • Understanding Team Dynamics – Using DISC personality assessments and/or reviewing some fundamental dynamics of teams, we’ll work to identify people’s natural strengths and abilities, while uncovering some challenges that typically cause conflict. We’ll explore how to leverage this knowledge to create stronger teams.
  • Stages of Team Development – Using Bruce Tuckman’s Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing model we’ll explore how high performing teams develop and remain successful.
  • Managing Conflict on Teams – Conflict on teams in inevitable, so together we’ll explore the good, bad and ugly of conflict, while exploring ways to get ahead of conflict by defining culture, and focusing on goals, roles and procedures.
  • Communication – It doesn’t matter what is said, it matters what is heard. In this session we’ll briefly explore various forms of communication (verbal, tone, body language) and then uncover how to GROW the team and set clear goals.
  • Leveraging Differences – Learning to trust and delegating are powerful tools to building a strong team that embraces weaknesses and celebrates strengths. Here we’ll explore some ways to

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Team Building Training Course Format – 8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises.  Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization.

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