Variation Webinar

Webinar: Special Cause Variation – There is no substitute for knowledge!


Instructor: James F. Leonard – Senior Consultant, Process Improvement and Statistical Methods

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It’s never enough to be skilled in DOE, FMEA, 8D, systematic root cause analysis, and other techniques. Instead, we must connect our skill with knowledge – knowledge of theory of variation. In the face of one type of variation, for example, systematic root cause analysis works like a hot knife through butter. In the face of a different type of variation, apply that technique at your peril!

The late Dr. W. Edwards Deming noted how the Taguchi loss function illustrates that it’s not necessary to achieve some precise optimum. But it also illustrates that increased variation will always result in increased waste, cost, and loss. Thus, the “bottom line” of Taguchi’s model is that variation is the enemy – because it will always generate loss.

If we agree that variation is the enemy, we must next seek to determine what type of variation we’re up against – because different types of variation require completely different types of correction. Join us as Jim Leonard presents key elements of the theory of variation, with great emphasis on Special Cause Variation that is always…

  • Non-random
  • Not mathematically predictable
  • Due to some special cause of variation
  • From outside the process or system

Explore the theory and learn to avoid the costly mistakes that result when people fail to differentiate between special cause and common cause variation. As Dr. Deming was fond of saying, “There’s no substitute for knowledge!”

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