solid works basic training

Solidworks – Introduction

Solidworks is an engineering software package that allows engineers and designers to create detailed 3-dimensional representations of their ideas. These 3d models can then be used for virtual prototyping and simulation, blueprints or specifications, and photorealistic renders among other things. In this Solidworks basic training course, you will learn the basics of how to create parts, assemblies, and drawings using the Solidworks software package.

Course Outline:
Introduction to 3D Modeling Concepts
3D Modeling and Solidworks Terminology
The Solidworks User Interface
Reference Geometry
Sketching Concepts
Sketching Entities
Geometric Relations
Sketching Tools
Feature Concepts
Feature Creation Tools
Feature Modification Tools
Patterning Tools
Assembly Concepts
Assembly Mates
Drawing Concepts
Drawing Views
Drawing Annotation

Students Will be Able To:
Understand the underlying concepts of 3d modeling
Create basic to intermediate solid models using Solidworks software
Compose an assembly of multiple parts
Detail out blueprints based on solid models or assemblies
Modes of Teaching and Learning:
Individual work sessions
Reference Material:
Solidworks Help Files
Solidworks Learning Resources

Who Should Attend Solidworks basic training:
Machine operators, quality control inspectors, NC programmers, shop supervisors, metal-working manufacturing personnel, engineers, engineering managers, and other manufacturing professionals interested in learning how to use the Solidworks software package.

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