Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology and thinking process to make continuous improvement that results in real dollar savings. As a thinking process, the method can be applied to any business process including both engineering and transactional processes. At the core of Six Sigma is the DMAIC roadmap to achieve bottom-line improvement: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.  QSG offers a flexible approach to implement Six Sigma tailored to the needs of an individual company from Lean Services to Yellow Belt to Green Belt to Black Belt to Master Black Belt levels.

Success Factors

QSG consultants have years of experience of implementing Six Sigma both from within  organizations as well as leading change from outside organizations. To be successful, there are five basic success factors that need to be addressed.

  • Management: Active participation from top management.
  • Projects: Identifying high value projects requiring data analysis to solve a chronic issue where the complete solution is not known.
  • Belts: Selecting the right project leaders or Belt candidates.
  • Infrastructure: Developing infrastructure to track projects, ensure accountability, and reward success.
  • Training/Coaching: Utilizing expert training and coaching services to get started and maintain project momentum.

Six Sigma & Lean Services

QSG’s Six Sigma services span a range of basic to advanced levels and are customizable with Lean or other special courses based upon the needs of the client. Training is reinforced with coaching and consulting for the development of new methods for your company. The QSG implementation of Six Sigma is designed to achieve a practical, quantifiable and sustainable system for continuous improvement.

Yellow Belt Offering

Yellow Belt is for teams with line personnel who will be supporting either Green Belt or Black Belt projects. It focuses on basic Six Sigma concepts, roles, and responsibilities and does not require complex statistical calculations.

Yellow Belt Courses
Six Sigma Yellow Belt (DMAIC Overview)

Green Belt Offering

Green Belt provides the basic DMAIC thinking process for solving business and engineering problems. Candidates need to complete the Green Belt training as well as complete a project in order to be certified.

Green Belt Courses
Six Sigma Green Belt
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) for Accuracy, Tool Matching, and Stability
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) – Workshop
Data Mining – Basic
Design of Experiments (DOE) Basic

Black Belt Offering

Black Belt provides enhanced tools to build statistical models to deal with many factors simultaneously as well as more advanced design of experiment methods for optimizing processes. Candidates need to complete the Green Belt and Black Belt training as well as complete a project in order to be certified.

Black Belt Courses
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) for Accuracy, Tool Matching, and Stability
Statistical Methods for Setting Specifications
Data Mining – Advanced
Design of Experiments (DOE) Advanced
Advanced Problem Solving
Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Advanced

Master Black Belt Offering

Master Black Belt provides training for individuals who will be internal resources to a company to help support other Black Belts and internally oversee a vibrant Six Sigma initiative. Master Black Belts need more advanced training to handle non-standard situations that may arise as well as have more specialized knowledge and expertise on statistical and quality tools.  Candidates need to fulfill the Green and Black Belt training and project requirements, complete the Master Black Belt training, and pass a written comprehensive test. 

Master Black Belt Courses
Data Mining – Advanced
Design of Experiments (DOE) for Non-Standard Situations
Mixture Experiments for Formulations
Robust Design
Acceptance Sampling
Forecasting and Time Series Analysis
Advanced Lean Methods
Statistical Methods for Qualification, Verification, and Validation
Training/Coaching/Consulting Skills

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