Training Grants

QSG's Grant Policy

Regardless of region and industry, QSG will help your business identify training grants that meet your training needs and work with you to provide the information and resources necessary to apply for a training grant.

Our clients have received millions of dollars in grant funding for employee training.

QSG provides complimentary grant writing service as well as training for funded courses!

Massachusetts provides businesses with up to $250,000 in funding  to train incumbent and newly hired employees through the Workforce Training Fund Programs (WTFP). Grant opportunities include a General Program for customized training in job-related skills, as well as Express Program grants to address employee training needs through a list of pre-approved courses. 

Non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for this program, provided they pay Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Insurance.

The IWT program is a matching grant program that offers financial reimbursement to manufacturing companies for providing up-skill training to their employees. The goals are:

  • To support advanced manufacturing and innovative companies in their efforts to train incumbent workers in the appropriate skills to meet current and emerging market needs.
  • To bring technological innovation to the market and help manufacturing companies leap ahead in productivity and efficiency by enhancing the skills of their current workforce.
  • To grow sales revenue and increase profitability.

The program will reimburse up to $50,000 of training costs annually. Companies may submit multiple reimbursement applications so long as the aggregate amount does not exceed $50,000 in any given calendar year. The minimum grant amount that will be awarded to any qualified applicant is $2,500. The maximum amount of lifetime assistance provided to any one company by this program is limited to $100,000. Approved funds do not need to be repaid.

The New Hampshire Job Training Fund is available to businesses located in New Hampshire, as well as businesses intending to locate in the State, that pay quarterly taxes into the NH Unemployment Trust Fund. Training programs may include: structured, on-site laboratory or classroom training; basic skills; technical skills; quality improvement; safety; management and supervision; and English as a second language.

The Incumbent Worker Training Grant Program is designed to help employers remain competitive and help workers maintain and advance in their careers. It provides a 50% or 75% reimbursement for eligible costs on eligible training activities. All Rhode Island employers who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the program guide may apply.

When workers lack needed training and businesses experience skill gaps, the company’s ability to compete, expand, and retain workers can be compromised. Florida’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program, funded by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and administered by CareerSource Florida (CSF) addresses such needs. The IWT Program was created for the purpose of providing grant funding for continuing education and training of incumbent employees at existing Florida businesses. The program will provide reimbursement grants to businesses that pay for pre-approved, direct, training-related costs. Currently, companies may receive a reimbursement rate up to 50% or 75%.

The Going PRO Talent Fund (Talent Fund) makes awards to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and newly hired employees. Training funded by the Talent Fund must be short-term and fill a demonstrated talent need experienced by the employer. Training must lead to a credential for a skill that is transferable and recognized by industry.

NJ Incumbent Worker Training Grant funds are competitively awarded to New Jersey employers to provide up to 50% cost reimbursement assistance to train incumbent frontline employees to meet the current and future occupational skill requirements of available high wage, middle-skill and high-skill jobs in New Jersey. Grant funds are intended to achieve measurable outcomes for the employers and the employees trained, “seed” occupational skills training, and support New Jersey businesses in maintaining their footprint in New Jersey and retaining incumbent workers. Grant funds are not intended for company-required annual training or new-employee orientation training.

The Ohio Department of Development has a variety of bonds, grants, loans and tax credits that can assist Ohio companies as they grow and create jobs in Ohio.

Workforce training assistance in Virginia is provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP), an economic development incentive providing customized recruiting and training services to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change.

QSG’s customers have received over $20M in Training Grants to increase the skills of their employees. We will help your business identify grants available in your location that meet your training needs and assist with the applications! Contact Us to tell us about your needs.

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