Statistical Services

QSG provides a full range of statistical consulting services including coaching on training applications, Six Sigma projects or other customer applications, assessment of needs for improvement, and technical / research / business project new method development.

The Data Difference
If you have a problem involving the use of data, our Ph.D. level and experienced statistical experts can assess needs and develop customized solutions for your business, research or technical applications. Statistical consulting can help to unlock the information contained in data which can help to expand your knowledge-base.

The Training, Coaching, Consulting Cycle

Statistical training is often undertaken to equip individuals to apply statistical tools, methodologies and strategies for real-life applications involving characterization, improvement or control. QSG provides coaching support for direct application of statistical methods taught in these courses including Six Sigma project coaching. This coaching activity can mean the difference in improving the success rate of such applications.

Sometimes statistical applications may not be straightforward, but rather, may require modification of even totally new methods. For these circumstances statistical consulting may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. This usually involves taking a real-life practical problem, translating this into the appropriate statistical problem, solving the statistical problem and translating this back into a practical solution. Once new methods have been developed and implemented, these need to be included in training to complete and carry on the cycle.

Example Topics for Statistical  Consulting

A Sample of Consulting Projects

Data Mining, Characterization, Forecasting and Modeling

Experimental Design and Analysis

Measurement Systems, Testing and Specification Limits

Problem Resolution, Cost Reduction and New Methods

Qualification and Verification Testing


SPC and Control Methods

Example of State-of-the-Art Statistical Tools Used in Consulting

An example of state-of-the-art tools that can be used for problem resolution is the multivariate technique, Projection to Latent Structures (PLS). Pictured below is a PLS plot for an application of determining yield drivers from 216 Wafer Fab and Final Test parameters from a semiconductor manufacturer. Low yielding lots are in red, and high yielding lots are in black.

Parameters that are good discriminators of low and high yield show as longer bars on the VIP (variable importance in projection) diagram to the right. Using PLS, this complex problem was narrowed to only a few critical inputs and resolved via DOE.

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