TL 9000

TL 9000 Implementation

Introduction to the TL 9000 Quality Management System
This briefing is designed for staff members to understand the implementation process and their role in it. Easily customized, this program can serve as a management orientation or a general overview for all employees. Depending on the needs of the organization, this program can be covered in 2-4 hours, or one day with workshops.

TL 9000 Quality System Overview
Gain important insights into the goal of TL 9000 and how it can benefit your company. Whether implementation is only a consideration or already in progress, this course is the ideal starting point to get you and your company up to speed. During this half-day overview you’ll learn the key aspects of the Standard and its associated measurements. This course is sanctioned by the QuEST Forum (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications).

TL 9000 Quality Management System Implementation
(3 days)
Gain the skills you need to develop and implement a quality management system that meets the requirements. This course is sanctioned by the QuEST Forum. Emphasis is on implementation techniques to ensure a robust, effective quality management system.

TL 9000 Quality Management System Auditing
(3 days)
Learn how to develop and conduct an internal quality audit program that meets the requirements; emphasis is on auditing techniques. This course is sanctioned by the QuEST Forum and is mandatory for registrar auditors. Attendees learn to recognize what registrars look for and how to make sure your organization’s system is effective and efficient.

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