cellular manufacturing design

Creating Manufacturing Cells

Course Description
Cellular Manufacturing design is a reorganizational system for workplace design that is integral to Lean Manufacturing. In cellular manufacturing, workcells and equipment are arranged to support a smooth flow of materials in order to minimize the time it takes for a single product to flow through the entire production process. Benefits of cellular manufacturing include increased productivity and quality, and workcells can simplify management and even accounting systems, in addition to material flow.

QSG provides a structured approach to cellular manufacturing design that has proven effective in companies worldwide. It is based on fundamentals rather than imitation of other cells. QSG also provides support in how to handle emotional, political, and organizational issues.

What Is Cellular Manufacturing?
Why workcells are so powerful
Cell design procedures

Selecting The Products 
Techniques to identify Product Families
Group Technology
Intuitive Grouping
Production Flow Analysis
Classification & Coding
Dedicated vs. GT Cells

Engineering The Process
Process Charts to streamline workflow
How to establish TAKT time, process time, and setup time
How to determine the right number of people
What equipment and how much utilization to expect

Defining/Developing Infrastructure
How to balance work for equipment and people
Six methods of production control and which to use
How to design a Kanban system for your cell
Integrating workcells with MRP
How to guide teams to maturity
How to ensure quality in the workcell
Material handling & containers
Balancing the work
Compensation & rewards

Cell Layout
Why cell layout is NOT the first task
Four layout styles and when to use each
Implementing your workcell design
Pros & cons of a Kaizen Blitz
How to ensure a smooth startup
Cell Configurations
Layout Procedures

Selecting The Best Option
PNI Analysis
Weighted Factor Evaluation
Calculating improvements

Teams & Workcells
Why teamwork is essential
What teams need

Implement fast or slow?
Kaizen Events

Course Format
16 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization

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