Mechanical Design Engineering

QSG’s engineering design & drawing services can be extremely helpful for organizations that need to identify design, drafting, dimensioning and tolerancing errors or omissions before issuing engineering drawings. The engineering design & documentation stage is very important and ultimately influential in the end-product cost, quality, and time to market. Designs must be created based on achieving functional requirements, manufacturability, and quality. We will review your designs and drawings for accuracy, completeness, and manufacturability.

We provide, for example, the following services:

Design for Manufacturability & Assemblability Review

Is that working prototype just not right for high-volume production? We will review your designs to identify opportunities to simplify product structure, reduce part count or part variety, or simplify the assembly process.

Critical components are assessed for opportunities to change manufacturing methods or materials. Using the guidance of a tolerance analysis, part feature tolerances are assessed for manufacturability. We work with your suppliers to solicit and review feedback on manufacturing process plans and identify opportunities to simplify part processing.

Tolerance Analysis

Are you struggling to understand or justify tolerance choices? We will review your assembly models and interact with your engineering groups to understand the functional assembly interfaces and the assembly process. 

Designs will be assessed for fit without interference or undue clearance, and whether the assembly accuracy achieved meets its requirements. A comprehensive set of tolerance analyses covering mechanical fit and performance requirements will be provided. Changes are recommended where necessary.

Drawing Creation

Do you need to supplement your current drawing creation capabilities? We will review your CAD models and interact with your engineering groups to understand the functional assembly interfaces and the assembly process. 

Datum features will be identified in the proper order and qualified relative to preceding datums based on part function and assembly. Features will be dimensioned & toleranced in accordance with ASME Y14.5-2018 to clearly define appropriate limits on all applicable variation. Tolerance analyses will be performed as necessary to verify the appropriateness of, and to optimize, tolerance choices.

Drawing Checking

Are you unsure if your drawings will result in good parts? Are you building or augmenting your internal drawing capabilities or outsourcing drawing creation services and need to keep them honest?

Drawing checking services are available for mechanical drawings that include assemblies and components such as: machined, sheet metal, plastics, weldments, forgings, castings, extrusions, etc. We will ensure each drawing has appropriately-defined and qualified datum features, size tolerances and locating tolerances, and other refinements necessary to ensure both manufacturability and functionality. The result will be a complete drawing package of clearly-defined parts.

Post-Training Performance Support

We constantly encounter poorly-defined parts and overly-tight tolerances. Training helps, but only about 10% of the knowledge & skill we apply on the job are gained during training. Even the best-delivered training course falls short of providing all of what we need to succeed at work. 

Most of what we learn comes from on-the-job practice, but for this to happen the learner must be immersed in a virtuous feedback cycle of well-meaning guidance provided by a critical mass of knowledgeable & experienced co-workers. Sadly, many organizations do not measure up. This critical gap is bridged by Performance Support.

Performance support is working with your engineers, your designs, and your drawings. It ensures that part tolerancing is clear and functional, and that your engineers are brought along every step of the way. More than merely outsourcing engineering efforts, performance support is mentoring. Your engineering team reviews and reinforces what they have been exposed to in training, while producing high-quality results they can reproduce on their own. Let our expert work with your staff on a short-term or long-term basis to support and build their capability in dimensioning & tolerancing.

Delivery Details

QSG can take your design & drawing / checking work off-site and check your drawings for you. We can check in with individuals or groups virtually. We will do the tough concentrating offline, then review our recommendations with you so you can feel comfortable with not only the what, but the why.

We work with your staff, guiding and leading their efforts. Our expert services are an efficient way to augment and enhance your existing staff capabilities.

Webinars – Mechanical Design Engineering

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to an online training class? Register for one of our free webinars!

GD&T Advanced Concepts
GD&T 2018 Change Highlights
The Engineering Product Definition


Let QSG fulfill your Mechanical Design engineering training needs. We offer a variety of Mechanical Design Courses, each developed by a practicing industry expert and refined through delivery and customer feedback.

QSG’s courses are designed to give students new knowledge plus hands-on practice putting that knowledge to use. Students who attend our courses take away more than information; they learn how to correctly put new concepts into effective and productive use on the job.

Custom Course Design

Courses can be customized for your industry or your process to help students more easily apply the material. Programs can also be combined, expanded, or rearranged to meet the specific needs of your team.

If you have training objectives including any topic not listed, let us create a custom training program for you.

Live, in-person training

Each training course is delivered on-site at your location, or for public classes, at QSG’s training center in Westford, Massachusetts. Classes consist of lots of face-to-face discussions and working sessions utilizing large format mechanical drawings.

Online, Synchronous Instructor-Led Training

Courses are delivered in an online classroom, with live, personalized instructor-student interaction, and opportunities to work in teams to solidify knowledge and fill gaps. Students receive course workbooks (and textbooks where applicable) delivered to their locations prior to training.

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