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Both professional athletes and business professionals will agree: how a TEAM operates as a unit is often more important than the individual talent levels of the team members.

QSG’s Learning Solutions works with you to provide your organization’s talent with the right skills and behaviors needed to achieve business results. Assessing, designing, and implementing solutions aligned to a company’s work and learning environment, we partner with you to help drive measurable results. This focus on helping businesses achieve success through greater execution has been the cornerstone of QSG for nearly 30 years, and we offer you the most effective learning and development methods available. Regardless of modality, QSG’s proven approach, content, and implementation process will help your organization achieve its strategic objectives. Transform your talent through QSG so team members act like leaders – thinking critically, collaborating to solve problems, and innovating to achieve outstanding business results.

If the only determining factors for success were hard skills and qualifications, then assembling a group of employees would be easy. Managers wouldn’t have to consider their staff members’ personalities, attitudes, or their ability to collaborate with one another when putting a team together. However, coworkers don’t always communicate effectively with each other or perform to the best of their abilities. And this is where soft skills come into play!

Professional soft skills, like communication and collaboration, are difficult to measure. Yet having a strong set of soft skills can help any employee achieve career success – reaching business goals and enjoying the process along the way. Since employees start with different abilities, businesses can offer soft skills training resources that can improve how employees approach their jobs and work with each other.

QSG’s Professional Development training programs include the essential and soft skills competencies to optimize the performance and results of your organization’s #1 asset: its people. There is only so much productivity to be gained from processes, tools, machines, and equipment. The productivity of people is unlimited! Every team member will unlock their own potential, while learning how to more effectively collaborate and attain results from others in a cohesive manner.

Our Leadership programs are grounded in servant leadership philosophy! Leaders will learn how to lead, inspire, and motivate people to deliver their best effort and commit to excellence. Every leader will show up daily and lead with intention, using the most effective processes, templates, tools, and tactics when communicating goals and expectations, delivering constructive feedback and coaching, managing conflict, and holding people accountable to desired results.

QSG courses are designed to improve anyone, at any level of the company. One of the keys to success is the ability to know and read your audience and then deliver your communications in an effective way that will be best received by the other party. Our courses include personality assessments, role playing, and interactive conversations and exercises about real-world issues taking place today in your organization.

From course design through delivery, we provide effective and impactful tailored solutions using cILT (Classroom Instructor Led Training), vILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), and Webinar experiences to deliver your desired results, while meeting your logistical and budgetary needs.

Article: It's Not the People, It's the Process

From our own Jim Leonard

Following is a list of all the Professional Development and Soft Skills we support and the associated training elements:

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