Process Improvement

All the participants in your training were also very impressed with you and your training. They each mentioned to the management team how this was the best training they have received and how your energy and enthusiasm kept them excited and motivated. We really appreciate all you and the team have done for us. We will be in touch soon to review and discuss future trainings.

John Gaumond

Quality Manager

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Paul was definitely very knowledgeable, shared much of his experiences and was very personable. He was able to take a topic that could be very dry and made it interesting. The overall thoughts were that both classes were valuable – especially to those with only several years in the industry.

Tepha Inc.

Director of Quality

Hi Barbara and Angelo,

Thank you for the Holiday cheers! We look forward to working with QSG in 2018. We’ve accomplished a lot together as partners and our Training Program has been a great success thanks to you and QSG. Autoliv’s employees are very grateful to QSG for the opportunities to learn new skills and Autoliv appreciates our employees using these new skills to continually improve our Organization.

Curtis Schmidt

Sr. Manager, Radar Industrialization Engineering/Development


Hi Angelo,

The training workshops have been very well received and we are very happy with all that have been completed. The upcoming 5S training is full and we already have others interested so we will be looking to add a class. I am also pushing for additional training with all the training events in all areas of our business.

John Gaumond

Quality Manager

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

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