The Lean Enterprise

In the past companies often only applied Lean principles to the operations side of their business. However, today it is common for companies to pursue Lean awareness training for most of their employees. They may select two Lean projects: one in operations and a second on the administrative side of the business. These two teams receive Lean specific tools training and support to guide them to successful completion of a quantifiable project.

The Lean Enterprise engages employees throughout an organization in resolving process issues they may have struggled with for years. It provides them with tools to drive waste and frustration out of the business, and an empowered workforce is a force to be reckoned with.

QSG’s consultants have delivered remarkable improvements by helping companies successfully apply Lean across the entire organization. One client company increased dollars shipped per employee by almost 100%. After a four year focused journey to become a Lean Enterprise the Production Planning Manager remarked, “In the past it was painful around here the last week of the quarter. Now the hockey stick effect is gone and in the last week of the quarter we are conducting are scheduled training.” The Production Planning Manager also reported increased job satisfaction due to Lean implementation.

Many companies sub optimize by not focusing the entire organization on Lean. The old excuse the Lean does not apply to a certain department does not hold any water anymore. QSG can help your organization reap the benefits of becoming a Lean Enterprise.

Always Keep Improving!