Lean Supply Chain

It has been said that companies do not compete but rather their Supply Chains do. The flexibility, cost, and responsiveness of your organization’s Supply Chain will determine how successful you are as a company.

Internal organizational coordination is at least half of the challenge of having a well-oiled Supply Chain. Companies misunderstand and underestimate the magnitude of internal reorientation that is required to make their Supply Chain functional. They wrongfully start the Supply Chain by leaning on their suppliers before making basic changes internally. One client company was falsely driving demand into their Supply Chain because inside sales was not actively managing customers’ blanket orders. This resulted in excessive inventory and unnecessary rework in Procurement.

QSG’s approach to Lean Supply Chain begins with a Supply Chain Assessment to reveal where improvements should begin, both internally and externally. This two-pronged approach accomplishes more and quicker. QSG’s consultants work with companies to deliver the benefits of a functional Supply Chain, including:

  • Improved New Product Introductions
  • Shorter Lead Times to your customers
  • Lower Supply Chain costs
  • Improved Cash Flow

Always Keep Improving!