Kanban Training

Implementing a KanBan Pull System

Course Description
This Kanban Training will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques for the design and implementation of a Consumption Based Replenishment System. Students will gather a comprehensive knowledge of the proper use and implementation techniques of a pull system utilizing Kanban and the warnings of inappropriate/ill-timed implementation.

Who Should Attend
Attendees of Kanban Training should include Production Control/Planning, Operations Managers and Supervisors, Floor Staff.

Key Learning Points

  • Principle of Heijunka/Production Smoothing
  • How Kanban started
  • Kanban Objectives
  • The Kanban System (definitions and supermarkets)
  • Essential of Kanban System
  • Function of the Kanban System
  • Use of Kanban and Waterspider
  • Transportation
  • Production Planning and Adapt to Demand Fluctuations
  • Effects of the Kanban System


  • Issues
  • What a Kanban is (including examples)
  • Warning of inappropriate implementation
  • Rules of Kanban
  • Anatomy of Kanban
  • Types of Kanban
  • Keys to Understanding
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Kanban Data and Formulas
  • Defects from a Simple Kanban System
  • Types of Withdrawal Systems

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