Team Building

Course Summary

Participants learn what teamwork and team building are and the different models for team performance.

Event Details

12 hours

Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available on-site at your organization and virtually


This classroom-based, adult learning training event promotes team building, morale, and team performance. Participants will learn the five stages of team performance – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning – and create action plans to optimize each one for their own team.

During training participants will take a Jung Personality assessment and learn about their personality type and potential strengths and potential weaknesses of that type. They will learn about other personality types and discuss tactics to use when working with people who are different from them.

Participants will also take the TORI Team Building Principles assessment and learn how to optimize Trust, Openness, Realization, and Interdependence in their teams.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Supervisors, Managers, and above, including Senior Leadership.

Learning Objectives

Through training, participants learn what teamwork and team building are and the different models for team performance. They will leave training ready to implement new tools, tactics, and models immediately.

Course Outline

  • The value of working as a team
  • How to develop team processes, ground rules, and team agreements
  • Identify each team player’s personality and workstyle and how to adjust your approach to improve communication and effectiveness
  • Ways to build team trust
  • Three different types of Motivation
  • How to create and implement motivational programs and initiatives
  • The 4 stages of team building (Form, Storm, Norm, & Perform) and how to help a team move through them
  • Ways that team members can be involved and grow in a team setting
  • How to develop a High Performing Team




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