Implementing Safe Quality Food (SQF) 9.0 Systems

Course Summary

Participants will learn the structure and intent of SQF code, complete a practice exam, and qualify as an SQF practitioner if they have been previously trained in HAACP and are under full-time employment.

Event Details

16 hours (4 hours over 4 days)
Virtual (Zoom meeting)
Also available at QSG’s training facilities and onsite at your organization.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) 9.0 Program is one of the world’s leading globally accepted food safety and quality management systems. SQF provides independent certification that a food safety and quality system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations. It also assures consistent quality and that buyer specifications are being met. SQF certification is supported and often required by an increasing number of international retailers and foodservice providers.

When seeking certification, the SQF audit consists of two pieces:

  1. The documentation audit, often completed off-site, is a review of written programs to assure the company is prepared prior to the on-site audit. This unique offering from SQF 9.0 provides the company an opportunity to improve the written program without damaging their potential for an “Excellent” audit score overall in the first year.
  2. The on-site audit includes a thorough examination of facility conditions, processes and employee actions.  The auditor collects evidence of how the written plan is implemented, as well as how records and training demonstrate an effective system.

The SQF 9.0 Code is a site-specific, process and product certification standard with an emphasis on the systematic application of CODEX Alimentarius Commission HACCP principles and guidelines for control of food safety and food quality hazards. When implementing SQF 9.0, many companies become overwhelmed with the number requirements. This course will help you distinguish between what must be done and what is recommended. We work to simplify the SQF 9.0 Code and ensure a solid understanding of the Code. Instruction also meets the SQFI standards for Practitioner and employee training.

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for SQF 9.0 Practitioners, food safety and quality managers, as well as other company leaders involved in management systems, such as sanitation, maintenance, sales, purchasing, and research and development personnel.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion, participants will:

  • Understand the structure of the SQF Code
  • Understand the intent of the SQF Code
  • Qualify as an SQF Practitioner (if also HACCP trained and under full time employment.)
  • Complete a practice exam and be prepared for the SQFI on-line exam

Course Outline

  • Overview of SQF and the Global Food Safety Initiative
  • Understanding the audit process and roles within that process
  • Discussion and practice developing a HACCP based quality plan
  • Detailed discussion on Module 2 of the Code
  • Continued discussion on Module 2
  • Detailed discussion on Module 11
  • Practice Exam




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