Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Course Summary

This course is designed for those who have some experience using Excel and are comfortable with the basics of the structure and functionality.

Event Details

6 hours

Combination lecture and classroom exercises.  Each student must bring their own laptop with Excel pre-loaded.


This Microsoft Excel intermediate course is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions.  This class will take students beyond the basics and help them to more fully utilize Excel in the work environment.

Who Should Attend

Students who have some experience using Excel and are comfortable with the basics of the structure and functionality.

Learning Objectives

Students will gain intermediate Microsoft Excel skills, including:

  • Working with Worksheets
  • Working with Functions
  • Working with Charts
  • Using Table Features
  • Working with Formatting and Data Validation
  • Using Protection and Shared Workbook Features
  • Using Styles and Templates

Course Outline

Working with Worksheets
Viewing, Renaming, and Color-coding Worksheets
Editing a Group
Manipulating Worksheets
Creating Linked Formulas
Using 3-D References

Working with Functions
Using Absolute Cell References
Creating and Using Absolute Named Ranges
Creating a Relative Named Range
Using Custom Zoom
Using Functions
Working with Insert Function
Using Financial Functions
Using Date Functions
Working with Auditing and Error Checking Tools

Working with Charts
Creating Charts
Changing the Chart Location and Size
Changing the Chart Type
Modifying Chart Elements
Adding and Removing Data Series
Applying a Chart Filter
Printing Charts
Creating and Using a Chart Template

Using Table Features
Creating, Sorting, Filtering a Table
Working with the Total Row
Creating a Calculated Column
Formatting a Table

Working with Formatting and Data Validation
Applying Conditional Formatting
Using Data Validation
Creating and Using Custom Formats

Using Protection and Shared Workbook Features
Protecting Workbooks and Worksheets
Allowing Users to Edit Ranges
Working with Shared Workbooks
Configuring a Workbook for Shared Use
Highlighting Tracked Changes

Using Styles and Templates
Working with Cell Styles
Merging Styles
Using Templates
Creating Templates


Excel Introduction or equivalent skills. Must be able to create, open, save, format and print a worksheet. Should be able to use formulas and the SUM function. The ability to copy, move and delete values and formulas is required.


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