Product/Process Capability Analysis

Course Description
Capability analysis is a statistical method for judging the performance of a product or process and is often part of a product or process verification. Both those who create capability studies and those who review capability studies need to understand not only the benefits of the study, but also the pitfalls and the key elements to look for when critiquing a capability study. When pitfalls are present, a capability study could be misleading and pass on a product to the customer which is potentially at risk, allow a product to proceed to production that will require massive amounts of improvement in order to be economical to produce, or at the other extreme, deny the introduction of a product to market which is perfectly suitable for that market.

This course will span the planning, execution, analysis, reporting, and actions recommended for a capability study. 

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for engineers, quality professionals, researchers, and managers who need to create, understand, and review capability information.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will:

  • Know a list of  statistical issues involved in qualification, verification, and validation activities
  • Understand capability analysis and know now how to apply the concept of capability so that continuous improvement actions can effectively be identified and focus efforts on centering, reduction of variation, or stability improvement
  • Know the right sample size to prepare a capability study and how this relates to certain risks
  • Understand how to review a capability study with the right questions to ask and the right direction to give; this includes knowing the pitfalls in preparation of a capability study so that the proper business conclusion can be reached.

Course Outline
Process Capability Study Review

  • Pre-Test on Cpk
  • Meaning of Capability
    • Translating Practical Questions into Statistical Questions
    • Sigma Levels
    • Actions from a Capability Study
    • Capability Roadmap and Capability Report Contents
  • Statistical Prerequisites
    • Center, Spread, Shape
    • Control Charts
    • Short-Run SPC
    • Probability Plots
    • Confidence Intervals
  • Sample Size for a Capability Study Including Number of Lots
    • Customized Excel Tool for Capability Sample Size Included
  • Background Questions for a Capability Study
  • Capability for Attribute Data
    • Binomial Data Capability Output Interpretation
    • Poisson Data Capability Output Interpretation
  • `Definitions of Capability Indices
    • Cp
    • Cpk and Ppk
    • Ppk and Choice of Minitab Procedure
    • Normal Data Output Interpretation
    • Non-Normal Data Output Interpretation
  • Exercise
  • Special Topics
    • One-Sided Specs
    • Cpm
  • Exercise
  • Pitfalls of Capability Indices
  • Actions from a Capability Study
  • Capability Graph and Selecting Appropriate Improvement Actions
  • Customized Excel Tool for the Capability Graph Included
    • Exercise
    • Checklist of Capability Review Items and Summary of Questions for Managers


Course Format
6 hours
Instructor-led class training, with opportunities to practice learned skills using prepared examples and live demonstrations
Minitab or JMP Statistical Software

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