presentation skills training

Powerful Presentations: The Path to Credible, Clear and Impactful Presentations

Presentation Skills Training Course Description
The ability to give an effective presentation to an audience of one or one thousand can make all the difference.  It’s a crucial skill that every employee should possess.  Whether you’re presenting to the team, selling to a client or trying to persuade a group to buy into your idea, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

Who Should Attend
Anyone that wants present information clearly and with impact.

Learning Objectives
To drive confidence in your ability to deliver a powerful presentation to a group of one or one thousand, to understand the theory behind good presentations and to develop the behavioral skills to make it happen. You’ll develop key presentation skills and learn how to present ideas with conviction, control, and poise – and without fear.

Presentation Skills Training Course Outline

  • Where to Begin
    • Determine your why and know your what
    • Better understand your who
    • Structure for impact
    • Create compelling content
    • Avoid ‘death-by-PowerPoint’
    • Manage the environment
  • Connecting with Your Audience
    • Open with Gusto!
    • Show the Path Forward
    • Build Credibility
  • Delivering a Powerful Message
    • Watch Your Language
    • Speaking Habits; the Good, the Bad, the Awful
    • Balancing Tone and Nonverbal Messages
    • Telling Your Story with IMPACT
  • The Final Touch
    • Using Notes and Audio-visual Aids
    • Reducing Stress & Anxiety
    • Preparing for the Unexpected
    • Managing the Crowd; Disruptions, Questions, Objections
    • Closing Strong

Course Format – 8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises.  Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization.

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