presentation skills training

Presentation Skills

Course Description
Whether managing a meeting, or communicating with peers, colleagues, community, or professional groups, your single most important business tool is your ability to present ideas clearly and effectively. 

Sitting or standing, in casual or formal situations, Presentations Skills teaches you how to create meaningful presentations that your audience will take note of, care about and buy into.

Presentation Skills is a highly interactive skill development workshop that takes participants beyond theory to actual practice and helps them develop their own personal delivery style. 

During training participants will use their cell phones (or audio-visual capability will be provided) to record themselves using the techniques learned during all three sessions on Presentation Skills. Each participant will return to the following session with a video demonstrating mastery of the skills and techniques.

Who Should Attend
This course is appropriate for every employee, at every level of the organization.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will learn basic presentation skills.

Course Outline

  • Organize presentations to achieve goals
  • Create powerful message points that support ideas
  • Use visual aids effectively
  • Manage anxiety and nervousness
  • Communicate with confidence.

Course Format
16 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available on-site at your organization and virtually

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