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Minitab Quick Start

Training Description
This 1 day training course will demonstrate and teach participants how to use Minitab to perform basic statistical and graphical analysis.


  • To know the organizational structure and capabilities of Minitab.
  • To be able to import data into Minitab.
  • To be able to manipulate data within Minitab.
  • To be able to perform basic descriptive statistical analyses using Minitab
  • To be able to perform graphical analyses using Minitab.

General Structure of Minitab
Project / Session / Worksheets
Other Components: History, Graphs, Reportpad, Other Documents
Overview of General Capabilities of Minitab
Getting Help

Data Manipulation
Getting Data into Minitab
Subsetting, Splitting & Merging Data Sets
Stacking & Unstacking
Other Database Manipulations
Calculation Capabilities
Column/Row Calculations
Creating Patterned and Random Data
Editor for Find/Replace, Column Formats & Worksheet Descriptions
Saving Projects and Worksheets
Toolbars for Getting Around Quickly

Descriptive Statistical Analyses
Descriptive Statistic Summaries
Summaries using Calc Menu & Stat Menu

Graphical Analyses
Standard Graphs: Histogram, Dot Plot, Box Plot
Cause & Effect Charts; Multivari Chart
Basic Plots for Data mining
Graph Options

Course Format
8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization

Course Evaluations Set 1

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