how to use minitab for statistics

Minitab Quick Start

Course Description
This 1-day course will demonstrate and teach participants how to use Minitab to perform basic statistical and graphical analysis.

Who Should Attend
This course is appropriate for anyone wishing to use Minitab software to analyze and gain insights from data.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will gain an understanding of the organizational structure and capabilities of Minitab and learn to:

  • Import data into Minitab
  • Manipulate data within Minitab
  • Perform basic descriptive statistical analyses using Minitab
  • Perform graphical analyses using Minitab.

Course Outline

General Structure of Minitab

  • Project / Session / Worksheets
  • Other Components: History, Graphs, Reportpad, Other Documents
  • Overview of General Capabilities of Minitab
  • Getting Help

Data Manipulation

  • Getting Data into Minitab
  • Subsetting, Splitting & Merging Data Sets
  • Stacking & Unstacking
  • Other Database Manipulations
  • Calculation Capabilities
  • Column/Row Calculations
  • Creating Patterned and Random Data
  • Editor for Find/Replace, Column Formats & Worksheet Descriptions
  • Saving Projects and Worksheets
  • Toolbars for Getting Around Quickly

Descriptive Statistical Analyses

  • Descriptive Statistic Summaries
  • Summaries using Calc Menu & Stat Menu

Graphical Analyses

  • Standard Graphs: Histogram, Dot Plot, Box Plot
  • Cause & Effect Charts; Multivari Chart
  • Basic Plots for Data mining
  • Graph Options

Course Format
8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available at QSG’s training facilities, on-site at your organization, or virtually

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