Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund General Grant Program

**JUST RELEASED** 2022 Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program Annual Report!!

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund provides businesses with up to $200,000 in funding  to train incumbent and newly hired employees through the Workforce Training Fund Programs (WTFP). Grant opportunities include a General Program for customized training in job-related skills, as well as Express Program grants to address employee training needs through a list of pre-approved courses. Non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, provided they pay Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Insurance.

QSG Grant Process Flow Chart

Recent Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund awards for QSG clients include:

$247,800 to Nexcelom – QMS Training (ISO 9001:2015) & Technical/Soft Skills
$244,850 to Cogmedix – Lean Six Sigma & Technical/Soft Skills
$242,000 to CPI, Inc. – Lean Six Sigma and Quality Tools Training
$229,220 to ClearMotion – QMS Training (IATF 16946:2016, ISO 14001:2015) & Technical/Soft Skills
$224,000 to Analogic – Lean Six Sigma, QMS Training (ISO 14001:2015) & Technical/Soft Skills
$177,800 to Boston Engineering – QMS Training (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14971), Lean Six Sigma & Soft Skills
$147,800 to Polymershapes – Lean Six Sigma & Technical Skills
$142,450 to Tegra Medical – Lean Six Sigma, Lean Kaizen Events, CQE Training
$128,100 to Littelfuse – QMS Training (IATF 16946:2016) & Technical Skills
$120,750 to MACOM – QMS Training (IATF 16946:2016, AS9100D) & Technical Skills
$114,200 to Entegris – Lean Six Sigma & Technical Skills
$103,600 to Zoll Medical – Technical/Soft Skills
$103,600 to Skyworks – Lean Six Sigma, Lean Kaizen Events & Technical Skills
$74,200 to Web Industries – Lean Six Sigma, QMS Training (ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14971) & Technical Skills
$72,005 to Solchroma – Lean Six Sigma, Technical Skills & Product Marketing Management
$65,800 to Kytopen – Lean Six Sigma, QMS Training (ISO 13485:2016) & Technical Skills
$39,200 to Jet Products – QMS Training (AS9100:2016)
$16,800 to Microline Surgical – Project Management

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