conflict resolution course

Making Conflict Work: Strategies for Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict Resolution Training Course Description
Conflict costs.  One study estimates the equivalent of 385 million working days lost each year to workplace conflict, or roughly $359 billion in paid hours.  That means that it pays to work through conflict and learn how to minimize its impact on your organization.

Who Should Attend
This Conflict Resolution training course will benefit you if you need to deal with people you find ‘difficult,’ struggle with personality clashes, want to develop a more harmonious workplace environment, or if you’re a manager that’s responsible for driving effective conflict throughout your team.

Learning Objectives
This Conflict Resolution training course will help you manage and positively engage with conflict to make you and the people around you more effective and productive. It will help you to better understand the pros and cons of conflict and to identify potential conflicts before they arise.  You’ll gain confidence to manage conflict effectively and to deal with a range of confrontational situations in the workplace.

Course Outline 

  • Define & Understand Conflict – In this session we’ll learn some of the reasons that conflict occurs and how to get ahead of it by defining culture, clearly establishing goals, roles & responsibilities, and building trust.
  • Identify the Negatives & Positives – Not all conflict is bad. Together we’ll explore the positive aspects of conflict and how to leverage it to your team’s advantage, while embracing the negative outcomes of avoiding conflict.
  • Let Me Tell You What Your Problem Is – What we won’t be covering! Instead, we’ll talk about you.  How each one of us can unknowingly contribute toward conflict and how we can better understand various personality styles to avoid the same mistakes moving ahead.
  • How to Eat an Elephant – Steps to dealing with conflict the right way. Here we’ll discuss creating a safe and controlled environment where we are free to engage in healthy conflict while still respecting the quality of people’s lives.  We’ll also tackle conflict in group settings and discover ways to get the team back on track.
  • Whoops: How to Recover When It’s Gone Bad – We’ve all been there. We’ve done the wrong thing or responded in the wrong way adding more fuel to the fire.  Here we’ll explore ways to deal with tense situations that need resolution and a clear path forward.

Course Format – 8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises.  Available at QSG’s training facilities and on-site at your organization.

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