Leadership Development Training

LionsLead Leadership Development

QSG is now offering a new suite of Leadership Training tools and Coaching services designed to create highly effective leaders at all levels of your organization.

In collaboration with LionsLead, QSG can help individuals, teams and organizations experience impactful and transformational growth in their leadership capabilities. LionsLead analysis tools and coaching provide insights into critical leadership behaviors. Using this information growth plans are developed to improve performance of across the organization by enhancing the leadership culture.

Our Leadership Training offerings:

  • Improve Team Performance
  • Set And Exceed Goals
  • Help aspiring and existing leaders Lead with Courage

Our new suite of Leadership Development tools and Coaching services support leadership growth at all levels of the organization. We use LionsLead tools to support individuals and teams from Lead to the CEO.

We offer a variety of workshops designed to spur leadership growth. These interactive workshop and group experiences provide leaders and aspiring leaders an in-depth analysis and evaluation of their leadership strengths and growth areas.

LeadRight Training
LeadRightTM is a dynamic and profound assessment helping both existing and aspiring leaders to discover, understand and prepare for advanced leadership responsibilities. The LeadRight assessment is one of three in our leadership development series of products and services. It is an instructive instrument applicable to Senior and Mid- Level leaders, small business owners, and their teams, as well as nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

TeamRight Training
TeamRight integrates our foundational CoreScore index with Leadership Traits and Team Roles. CoreScore places emphasis on Self-Leadership, to know and lead yourself first, as being critical to effectively building relationships and leading others. Furthermore, we assess 23 attributes which provide a framework and tendency toward one’s distinguishing leadership characteristics. Then we wrap up our analysis by providing individuals with their primary and a secondary team role.

CORE Leadership Development
CoreScoreTM is our introductory and foundational index that measures key attributes and CORE to mastering yourself. Self-Leadership is critical to one’s foundation. One must honestly know and lead themselves first, before effectively building relationships and leading others.

The CoreScore index provides a pulse to begin sharpening Emotional Intelligence and to know and bring values and beliefs into focus. Measuring five key attributes, CoreScore is a sampling of what you can expect in our more comprehensive indexes which measure behavior characteristics for Leaders, Teams, Coaches, Mentors, Students, Players, Public Safety Professionals and more.

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