Leadership Training and Development Programs

LeadRight Leadership Development

This interactive workshop and group experience provides leaders and aspiring leaders an in depth analysis and evaluation of their leadership strengths and growth areas.  Using Leadership Development Courses, participants leadership behaviors are measured to provide personalized growth plans for individuals and teams.

  • Training and Results are presented thorough interactive discussion and application of the findings from each of the five competencies and their respective attributes.
  • Participants will understand how their unique individual strengths contribute to the team’s strengths as well as challenges.
  • Participants will receive an in-depth analysis on the effects of their current leadership behaviors and the benefits of developing a personal growth plan.
  • Insights are shared to develop as a team and to be mindful of pitfalls that impair both the team and each other’s individual effectiveness.
  • The LeadRight© evaluation incorporates the Belbin team roles definition & dynamics.  We can report and explore individual roles and their effect on team dynamics as well as present multiple team role combinations to help organizations prosper by leveraging each other’s unique talent.

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