Webinar: Introduction to Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.)™

Webinar date: tbd

Leaders know that it takes more than technical ability and business savvy to be successful in today’s business environment.  They need to be both a task specialist and a relationship specialist.  

Many businesses rely on long-tenured managers who gained their supervisory skills through years of “on the job” experience.  As this generation retires, the position is typically filled by the promotion of a high performing team member.  However, high productivity does not always translate to effective managerial skills.  For many people – both the newly promoted person AND the team members – this experience is difficult, draining, and disappointing.  

The ability to communicate effectively, confont unacceptable behavior, and resolve conflicts that arise in the workplace are essential skills that can be learned.  Unfortunately, most training workshops are long on theory and short on application.   

L.E.T. teaches Dr. Thomas Gordon’s world-renowned model of human relationships.  Participants learn both the basic philosophy underlying the model and, more importantly, have the opportunity during the workshop to develop the skills in order to apply it to real life situations.

This one-hour Introductory session will present the model to participants and provide more information on how to transform the experience of managing to a joyous one.

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