MA Workforce Training Fund

Many companies want to learn more about the Massachusetts workforce training fund and how they may be eligible to receive training for employees at no cost. The process is simple and Quality Support Group assists you in every step of the application process.

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The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund is a state fund financed by MA employers through their unemployment contributions.  Since 1999, the fund has been providing companies with monetary resources to train current and newly hired employees.

ATTENTION Companies with less than 100 employees.  The Express Fund will reimburse half of the fee for approved courses, but cannot exceed $30,000 in total grant funds.  Express applications are located at to apply online or to download an application.

The briefing will provide an introduction to the Workforce Training Fund, including:

General Fund – Grants for customized training up to $250,000

Technical Assistance Grant – Grants up to $25,000 to conduct a Training Needs Assessment within your organization

Express Fund – Up to $30,000 for ‘off-the-shelf’ trainings for employers with 100 or fewer employees

  • Who is eligible for training grants
  • How to apply for a training grant
  • What assistance is available to help you through the process

The Quality Support Group (QSG) has been assisting Massachusetts companies with the FUNDING and DELIVERY of their workforce training programs under State and Federal Workforce Training Grant programs for 15 years. QSG will:

  • Provide a free training needs analysis
  • Identify available funding programs
  • Assist with the grant writing
  • Manage the funding process from beginning to end
  • Develop strategies for long-term training needs
  • Deliver customized training that provides ROI

Previously Awarded Grants

$249,905 to L3SSG – Engineering Analysis, Software Skills, Technical/Soft Skills
$242,000 to CPI, Inc. – Lean/Six Sigma and Quality Tools Training
$234,00 to Cabot Corporation – Lean Processes, Project Management, SPC, & Kaizen Events
$184,800 to KAZ Helen of Troy – Technical Skills (Advanced DOE, 5S, CAPA, FMEA, SPC) and Soft Skills (Presentation, Communication, Team Building skills)
$142,450 to Tegra Medical – Lean Training, Kaizen Events, CQE Training
$129,740 to IXYS Corporation – QMS (ISO 14001, 9001:2015) and Lean/Six Sigma Training
$114,200 to Entegris – Technical Skills (FMEA, APS, Internal Auditing) and Lean/Six Sigma Training
$110,240 to GTR Manufacturing – Supervisory Skills, Solderablitly, Lean/Six Sigma Leadership
$105,200 to Absolute Metal – QMS (ISO 9001), Lean Kaizen Events, Technical Skills (5S, CAPA, Blueprint Reading) and Soft Skills (Meeting Management, Conflict Resolution, Supervisory Skills)
$92,300 to National Coating – QMS (ISO 9001:2015), Lean/Six Sigma, and Soft Skills (Continuous Improvement, Leadership Training, Team Building)
$94,000 to Sekisui Voltek – ISO 14001 and Lean/Six Sigma Leadership training
$82,800 to Majilite Corporation – Lean/Six Sigma Leadership, FMEA & Kaizen Events
$81,200 to Checon – QMS (ISO 9001:2015), Technical Skills (PPAP, FMEA,  8D, Project Management, SPC) and Soft Skills (Leadership Awareness, Leading a Team, Supervisory Skills, Transformational Leadership)
$80,400 to Vacuum Barrier Corporation – ISO 9001 and Kaizen Events training
$79,680 to Gillians – Lean Champion Training, HACCP, and ESOL Training
$74,200 to Microline Surgical – Lean/Six Sigma Training (Yellow, Green, Black belt)
$67,000 to Uno Foods, Inc. – Safe Quality Food (SQF) training
$39,200 to Jet Products – QMS Training (AS9100:2016)
$34,800 to Pion – QMS Training (ISO 9001:2015)


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