FMEA Consulting Services

Experienced Quality Support Group Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) facilitators support you in developing a strategy to implement FMEAs in your company and enable you to run your FMEA projects independently.

Do you want to minimize failures in production and reduce costs by means of risk analysis? Do you want to use the knowledge of our experts to eliminate the biggest risks in your product development process? Three decades of product development support experience have shown us that the timing of FMEAs, their integration into the development process, and the way FMEAs are moderated and standardized are crucial factors to successfully reducing high risk elements in your product.

If performed correctly, an FMEA is a highly effective methodology that will reduce defects and needless costs for your organization. If performed incorrectly, the analysis is a waste of time. That’s where QSG FMEA Consulting comes in. QSG can create the FMEA process that assures the promised benefits of FMEA. We will assess, design, and assist in developing and implementing your FMEA strategy and process.

Benefits of FMEAs
QSG’s experts have acquired our FMEA knowledge by being on the forefront of quality and reliability, specifically FMEA, for nearly 30 years. With QSG’s FMEA Consulting, your organization will realize the benefits from FMEA much faster. Benefits of FMEA Consulting include:

  • Reduced number of post design release changes
  • Reduced number of test failures at design verification and validation
  • Process designed to your customers’ requirements
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced likelihood of customer complaints
  • Reduced maintenance and warranty cost
  • Reduced possibility of safety failure
  • Reduced possibility of extended life or reliability failure

Our Methodology
Our 5 step FMEA Consulting process provides a complete and comprehensive analysis. 

  1. Pre-Work and Team Assembly – One of the reasons FMEA works so well is the combined knowledge and experience of its team members. The team is made up of individuals from all aspects of the design or process, including managers down to floor staff, who can all offer their own insight

Pre-work involves correlating important documents, either through creation or from current records to aid in understanding the pre-existing risks and the flow of the process itself.

  1. Assessment and Process Mapping of the current state
    • Understanding your FMEA requirements
    • Resources available, time, technology. and personnel
    • Objectives and benefits that you desire
    • Integration into your development process
  1. Plan and design your future FMEA process
    • Customizing the FMEA methodology
    • Match best practices to your needs and objectives
    • Define the methodology to be used
    • Provide formats, templates, and procedures/work instructions
    • Development of FMEA success measures
  1. Leadership Implementation and assistance with your new FMEA process and system
    • Hands-on/real time expertise provided at your locations
    • Clarification of key elements of the FMEA process
    • Assistance in change management
    • Dollarization of the risk levels
    • Finding software
    • FMEA Trainingis provided for each level of participants:
      • Management
      • Technical Personnel and Engineers
      • Expert users

5. FMEA Project Support

  • Facilitation of FMEAs to supplement your resources while they are in the learning curve
    • Systems FMEA
    • Design FMEA
    • Process FMEA
  • Action Mitigation Process and Management

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