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Empathic Leadership

Course Description
Organizations today face unprecedented disruption, uncertainty & change – AND immense opportunity. Essential to their resilience and future success is a culture of honest, authentic, human-centered leadership that prioritizes employee well-being and workplace relationships. 

From multinational corporations to local teaching hospitals, savvy leaders are incorporating empathic practices and realizing benefits, including increased employee engagement & productivity, greater constructive conflict, growing customer/client loyalty and improved business results. 

In this course for senior leaders, participants will learn &/or review the communication skills & behaviors foundational to empathic leadership. Employees below the senior level can experience the full eight-hour course that includes role-playing and create an action plan to implement immediately after training is complete.

Empathic Leadership introduces key principles and practices of leading experts in empathy in organizations and empathic communication including Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, Daniel Goleman, Marie R. Miyashiro, Simon Sinek, and Helen Reiss, MD.

According to a 2021 Workforce Empathy study* 84% of CEOs said empathy leads to better business outcomes. And yet, 7 in 10 CEOs find it difficult to implement. Even for those without a strong natural inclination, empathy can be learned.

*Source: Businessolver – 

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for Supervisors, Managers, and above, including Senior Leadership.

Learning Objectives
Through training, participants will practice communication skills and behaviors foundational to empathic leadership and develop an action plan for immediate application in their workplaces.

Course Outline

  • What Is Empathy and Why Does It Matter? 
  • Assessment: Your Empathy Quotient (AP: looking for a more business-friendly, free online tool) 
  • Empathy in Action 
  • Empathic Leadership Styles 
  • Empathic Listening 
  • Empathic Communication Skills (verbal & non-verbal) 
  • Behaviors that Cultivate Empathic Presence 
  • Connection First! 
  • Self-Empathy Skills 
  • Empathy-Inspired Conflict Mediation 
  • Identifying & Overcoming Roadblocks to Empathy 
  • Dispelling Myths: What Empathy is NOT 
  • Empathy Action Plan

Course Format
8 hours
Combination lecture and classroom exercises
Available on-site at your organization and virtually

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