ECHO Listening, Leadership and Performance

Course Description
Effective communication leads to competitive advantage in business. In fact, recent research shows that companies with highly effective communication are 3 times more likely to outperform their industry peers. This full-day workshop focuses on listening as 50% of the communication equation, and how our individual listening habits influence the very framework of conversation that drives high value communication and improves team performance and productivity.  We’ll examine the impact that Listening Intelligence and Cognitive Diversity have on business relationships, decision-making, overall performance and the bottom line.

Who should attend
Listening, Leadership and Performance is intended for individuals, managers and teams that rely on collaboration and communication for successful work outcomes.

Learning Objectives
Participants will develop increased awareness of one’s own listening preferences that influence what we habitually listen to and for, what we tend to understand, what we tend to miss, and how this impacts the way we share information with others.

Participants will also learn how to:

  • Excel in high stakes work scenarios that require clear communication.
  • Use ECHO Listening Intelligence’s proprietary listening assessment to highlight listening strengths and identify potential challenges that can be immediately adjusted.
  • Identify listening habits of your peers so you can communicate and collaborate more effectively.
  • Grasp the importance of diverse thinking and master the skill of building, leading, and communicating effectively across cognitively diverse teams.

Course Outline

  • The Cost of Poor Listening
  • Listening and Our Brain
  • ECHO Listening Profile review
  • Cognitive Diversity
  • Improving Team Functionality and Performance
  • Creating High Value Conversation

Course Preparation
Attendees will complete the ECHO Listening Profile prior to class. ECHO is a 10 question, statistically validated survey that identifies listening habits as a brain-based cognitive function.

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