Kim Walker

Consultant, Lean Six Sigma/Process Improvement

Kim Walker is an accomplished LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt with over 20 years of hands-on, practical experience applying continuous improvement techniques in manufacturing, healthcare, and transactional settings. She guides teams to deeply understand their processes and learn to see opportunities. She is proficient at breaking down complex problems into manageable bite-sized pieces, affording the ability for teams to claim success early and often. Kim’s techniques have helped organizations identify and implement cost savings and business enhancing measures while boosting employee morale. She is an energetic individual who trains LEAN concepts, techniques and tools, in an easy-to-understand format using simulations, interactive activities, videos, and real-life examples of success and failure. Her sessions are fun and aimed at building confidence which allow participants to apply their new skills immediately.

Kim’s background in Quality Systems and Lean Six Sigma has afforded her the opportunity to become a celebrated trainer and coach who has developed, lead, and managed multiple successfully LEAN programs and LEAN belt certifications, Process Mapping, 6S, and Quality tool events, as well as implement Employee Idea Programs, and provide guidance to leaders in A3 project management and Kaizens using DMAIC and more.

Kim Has certified over 1,000 LEAN White, Yellow, and Green Belts, lead multiple Kaizen Events from a single department process to a multi-hospital event, earned a Lamplighter Award for designing and implementing an Employee Idea Program, worked with a team to earn a Bronze Shingo Prize, and she was a speaker at the 2019 Press-Ganey Transformational Conference in Florida sharing LEAN training tactics and initiatives. She earned her Six Sigma Black Belt through Breakthrough Management Group and her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through Essilor International. Kim holds a BS from Nichols College.

Kim is eager to help your team thrive.

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